Our Courses

Quality Training

Our courses are taught online via Zoom software by our qualified trainer, who has several years experience in the industry as a driver and trainer.

As with all CPC training, you are required to attend 35 hours of training to renew your Driver Qualification Card every 5 years. Qualification is by attendance only. There are no exams to pass at the end of the day, but we do ask you to participate in a couple of fun quizzes and fill out a simple multiple choice feedback sheet at the end of the day.

Drivers' course attendance is logged with the DSA after each 7 hour course has been completed (2 x 3.5 hour modules) and once 35 hours have been logged; the driver is then issued with a renewed Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

It is a legal requirement to carry the DQC card if you are driving for work purposes. There will be a maximum fine of £1,000 if you are found not to be qualified or not carrying the DQC, so it is important to keep up-to-date with your training.

With new regulations in place, you can now complete your CPC modules around your schedule even easier by completing two 3.5 hour modules within a 24 hour period. That means you can do a PM course on a Wednesday and an AM course on a Thursday and this will count towards your one 7-hour course sign off with the DSA.

Our Modules

We have ten modules on our course calendar:

  1. Delivering the Goods: Points of Call – High Streets, Ferries, Ports, Terminals, Rural Driving, Urban Driving, Care Homes, Schools and Hospitals – Route Planning, Customer Service (LGV Only)
  2. Driver Welfare: Driver Health, Alcohol & Drugs, Fatigue, Driver Fitness (LGV & PCV)
  3. Drivers Hours & Tacho Awareness: Drivers Hours Rules, Tachographs, Operational Guidance (LGV & PCV)
  4. Drivers Hours Rules: Drivers Hours Rules, Working Time Regulations, Operational Guidance (LGV & PCV)
  5. Fire Awareness: Causes of Fire and Dangers, Actions in the Event of Fire, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Prevention) (LGV & PCV)
  6. First Aid Awareness: Actions in an Emergency, CPR, Unresponsive Casualty, Choking Adult, Wounds, Bleeding & Shock (LGV & PCV)
  7. Health & Safety for Drivers: Laws & Responsibilities, Vehicle Movements, Banksman Signals, Manual Handling, PPE, Working at Height, Slips, Trips & Falls (LGV & PCV)
  8. Loading & Unloading: Legal Requirements, Weights & Load Distribution, Vehicle Dimensions & Weights, Effects of Load Movement, Load Security, Loading Equipment (LGV Only)
  9. Manual Handling: Regulations, Costs of Injury/Back Pain, Causes of Back Pain, Lifting Techniques, Lifting Equipment, Pushing & Pulling Techniques (LGV or PCV)
  10. Road Traffic Accidents: Arrive on Scene, Next Actions, Casualty Care & Dangers (LGV & PCV)